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Where we believe pilates is for everybody!

We provide Mat Pilates classes for all ages and fitness levels at various locations across Melbourne. 

Our carefully planned classes, are tailored to every body in the room, helping you reach your health and fitness goals.

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All photography by Marie Luise Skibbe.


Pilates is low impact exercise and is specifically designed to create long, lean, toned muscles. With a focus on breath, co-ordination and control, you will develop a more balanced body and mind through a full body workout and series of core-based exercises.

Never tried Pilates before? Every exercise is designed to be modified, using your bodyweight as resistance, which means Pilates is accessible to absolutely everybody! No matter your age or fitness level, our Polestar-trained instructor will guide you through with an insightful focus on any pre-existing injuries or areas of concern.

Relieve stress, tone your body, improve your mental health and your posture. 

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