New classes starting July 25th!

Dancehouse Inc.

 150 Princes Street, Carlton North, 3054, VIC.

Tuesday mornings: 930-1030am




Mat pilates classes are a fun and challenging way to experience the Pilates Method. Classes are carefully designed to improve posture, core strength, anatomical alignment and to deepen the mind/body connection. Every class varies and will incorporate small props such as pilates balls, therabands and magic circles.


Our instructor is passionate about technique and is “hands on” to ensure all clients work with the correct alignment. Through constant supervision delivering safe and efficient ways to stretch and strengthen the body you will feel the proven benefits and results of pilates. Improve strength and muscle tone, flexibility, greater joint mobility and lowered stress levels.

Classes are open to all levels and anyone interested in conditioning and cross training their body. However, if you are managing any pain/discomfort be sure to inform your instructor before your first class. 


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